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Monday, May 01, 2006

Birder Profile: Kevin Graff

I met Kevin last weekend while I was chasing the Anhinga at Lilypons in Maryland. If I hadn't spotted Kevin and his friends tramping over to the right pond I might have left without seeing the bird at all. Thanks, Kevin, I owe you one.

Name: Kevin Graff

Location: Wild Bird Unlimited (bird store) in "The
Avenue at White Marsh", Nottingham, Baltimore Co.,MD

Profession: Co-owner (starting in May 2006)

Years Birding: 18+ (started on Dec 25, 1987)

Organizations: Baltimore Bird Club (chapter of MD
Ornithological Society) Nature Conservancy, Cornell
Lab of Ornithology, Wild Bird Center, World Wildlife

Lists: (As of 12/31/05) ABA 498, Maryland 356,
Baltimore 271, Worcester 268

Field Guides: National Geographic, Sibley & Kaufman
Field Guide to Birds of N. America

Optics: Swift 8.5x44; EgretII 8x42 in reserve status;
Kowa TSN-821M w/ 60x eyepiece

Favorite Bird: Hooded Merganser

Least Favorite Bird (C'mon we've all got one): Rock

Bird You'd Most Like to See but Haven't: any tropical
birds in any types of rain forests

Wish You Were Better at Identifying:
gulls hybrids

Favorite DC-area birding location: Kenilworth Aquatic

Favorite non-DC birding location:
Co./Blackwater NWR (both tied first place)

Best DC area Sighting: don't remember

Missed Opportunity: Ross's Gull at Back River Waste
Water Treatment Plant on March 25, 1990.

Fondest Remembered Single Day: Single-day record of
168 species counted in 13 hrs of Eastern Shore birding
on May 15, 1999 during Bloomin' Birdathon
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