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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

UPDATE! Manaia, the National Zoo Kiwi

Back in April I interviewed Kathy Brader, the Senior Bird Keeper at the National Zoo here in DC, about the birth of a North Island Brown Kiwi named Manaia. This was the newborn on his first day:

And here he is now:

A little bigger (now up to 882 grams!), and every bit as cute.

Kathy told me that people can now visit Manaia at the Zoo as part of their Meet-A-Kiwi program. Visitors can meet young Manaia on Mondays (soon expanding to Wednesday and Friday as well) at the Bird Resource Center inside the Bird House. Attendance is limited to 20, so get there early for the 11am talk.
Awwwww! That is too cute.
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You can now Meet-A-Kiwi Mon-Wed-Fri at the Ed-ZOO-cation station on Olmstead Walk. August 2007
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