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Friday, October 13, 2006


I am leaving DC in a week. I have a job as a mountain photographer in Aspen, Colorado and I'll be driving out there after a couple weeks at home in Maine.

For many reasons, it will be very sad to leave this city.

From a birding perspective, the DC-metro area has provided me with habitats and encounters that I never would have expected. My favorite aspect of birding is that it takes you to some unusual places, and I feel that birding in DC has given me a perspective on the city that tourists simply do not get. It's been fantastic.

This isn't to say that this blog is going to go away. I am still going to be birding wherever I go, and I still want to write about my experiences. Although it's a pain to start from scratch, I think I'm going to get a new URL and design a new site (it'll be nice to make an simpler design...). I'll continue posting here until the new site is ready.

So stay tuned. I have some awesome trips coming up and I am excited to write about them. On Oct 21 I'll be taking my first pelagic off the coast of Delaware...and I'm still feeling like there'll be an albatross sighting.

After that, I'll be up and down the coast of Maine, then taking a monster road trip with planned stops at: Niagara and Montezuma in NY, Point Pelee ON, prairie chickens in the midwest, grasslands in South Dakota, Rocky Mountain NP in CO and I'm sure some interesting spots in between.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading.
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