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Monday, February 27, 2006

1st District Patrol

District Patrol
[I'll post these roundups of local bird sightings, culled from va-bird and mdosprey archives, when I don't have anything new myself to report, cool?]

...and lord knows how that zebra got here
A birder reported a photographing a Barrow's Goldeneye in an open-air duck pond at the National Zoo. Barrow's are extremely rare this far south, except, as in this case, when they are part of the zoo's permanent collection.

Orange Crowned Warbler
Located in Loudoun County (25 miles from DC) in Riverside Park.

Still waiting for his bags to arrive. I've been there.
The Snowy Owl is still kickin it at Dulles International Airport. Invisible to the naked eye, a marshmallow through a scope...still worth the trip. Also, people seem to be seeing Short-Eared Owls there too.

Lapland Longspur
Sweet name for a pirate...but it's actually a bird that was seen among Horned Larks in Frederick, MD (1 hr 10min from DC) on Oland Rd between Rt 85 and New Design Rd.

Barnacle Goose and Am. White Pelicans
Were seen 2/25 in the Blackwater NWR in Cambridge, MD (1hr 45min from DC).
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