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Monday, March 13, 2006

Back and Birdless

Back from Maine. Great times were had, few birds were seen. As you might remember, I have 9 days left until my birding year runs out (I started keeping track on March 21, 2005) and, with 9 species left to get to 200, things aren't looking good.

I did get to do some birding, though. On Friday before my flight from Dulles I took a look for the Snowy Owl and any other Owls that might have been in the area (Short-Eared Owls had also been reported). No luck. Once one the plane I had great looks at the sections of the airfield where I saw the owl back in February, but he wasn't around. By the way, the first person to spot this owl must have been while sitting on a plane, right? Or did someone just happen to take a scope out to the parking garage? If you're out there, let me know.

I got to some of my favorite Maine birding spots on Saturday, but again was unable to find anything new. The Evergreen cemetery in Portland is, during the spring, THE best warbler location I've been to. I saw more warblers (with better looks) at Evergreen this past summer than I did at Point Pelee in May. Well apparently March is a different story...besides mallards and two black ducks I saw NO OTHER BIRDS. Not gulls or starlings or chickadees. Not even a birdsong or a leaf that kinda looked like a bird or a grave of a guy named "Bird" or anything. Lame.

Onto Fort Williams State Park in Cape Elizabeth, the location of the famous Portland Headlight and generally gorgeous, classically Maine place. Lots of lingering winter seabirds: Common Eiders, both Loons, Long-Tailed Ducks, Surf Scoters and Herring Gulls were plentiful. That's about it, though. Ah...the year, I'm afraid, is slipping away. On the brightside, though, I got to hang out two of my favorite spots in my favorite state. Plus, I'll have to get back there to redeem myself. Stay tuned.

Also, more on these places in my Top 10 Birding Days of the Year posts coming shortly.
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