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Friday, March 03, 2006


Well I finally got fed up with the HTML of the template I was using, so I ditched it in favor of this one. Much easier to edit, simpler, I'll take it.

That's about all that's gone well for me today, however. I look out in the horizon of this weekend, and I see clouds a-gatherin'. The forcast for Cape May, where I am scheduled to go on a pelagic trip sunday, has worsened to 'Windy"...the same forcase that forced the Lewes trip to be cancelled a week ago. The problem is that this time if the trip is cancelled I'll miss a fun weekend, lose the chance at 200 eastern birds and be stuck with a non-refundable room at the EconoLodge in scenic Marmora, New Jersey.

I emailed with Anita, who works at Paulagics, and she told me that as of now the trip was still on. As of now. Of course I can't fault Paulagics for the weather being bad, and I understand that since they're a business it's in their best interest to set sail in crummy weather...but I'll still be mighty dissappointed if I get all the way up there and the trip gets cancelled. Ah well enough about me, let's do a

District Report

I Don't Know If You've Heard, But...
Apparently there is a snowy owl at the Dulles Airport. Ah a little humor! Yes the Dulles Owl, aka the biggest birding story of the winter, is still kickin' it at that peaceful getaway of the international runway area. Get it while its hot!

2nd Fiddle
Just as, if not more, rare than a snowy owl in these parts is an ash-throated flycatcher. Well there's been one of these birds down in Richmond, hanging out in the same general area for the past couple of months. One of these days I'll get down to the floodwall area of the James River Park and check it out.

Yep they're here already. There was one at the Little Hunting Creek this morning...and there will be more shortly.

Almost as Rabid as the IBWO Debates
...Is the recent debate on the MDosprey site about a singing Common Yellowthroat in Columbia on March 1. Most have agreed that it was most likely a misidentification, but with warm winters like these you never know what you can get.
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