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Thursday, March 30, 2006

District Patrol 3/30/06

My Eyes Would Be Red, Too, If I'd Flown Up Here This Early
A month-early Red-Eyed Vireo was reported in Patapsco State Park, Baltimore County, MD (50 minutes from DC).

Waterthrushes. Waterthrush? What's the plural of Waterthrush?
Regardless, individuals of the Louisiana Waterthrush species are being reported with frequency from Virginia. Birds have been seen at Riverbend Park in Great Falls (43 minutes from DC) and Gloucester, VA (3 hours from DC).

Shorebird Sightings
The Glossy Ibis at Kenelworth Aquatic Gardens (like, 5 minutes from my house) has apparently moved on.
But lots of other waders have been sighted in the area, including Pectoral Sandpipers at Dyke Marsh in Virginia (22 minutes), Greater Yellowlegs, Dunlin and Snipe at Swan Harbor Farms in MD (1hr 24min away) and little gulls (ok not waders...) were seen on Maryland's Black River (I think these are the right directions, but the post was unclear...anyway its an hour away).
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