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Friday, April 28, 2006

Beauty Contest

There has been a meme being passed around birding blogs recently (I didn't know what it was either, but check out this heavy definition) where birders chose their Most Beautiful Birds.


Here's my list (note: I'm only including birds I've seen...):
1. American Oystercatcher
2. Baltimore Oriole
3. Glaucous Gull
4. Long-Tailed Duck
5. Common Loon
6. Bonaparte's Gull
7. Red-Headed Woodpecker
8. Black-Capped Chickadee
9. Wood Duck
10. Sorry...but House Sparrow

Well there you have it. I've stayed away from warblers, which are too gaudy most of the time. Showoffs. I like a little class. It's like wearing a nice black tuxedo vs one of those Dumb and Dumber suits that always look wicked lame in person. But that's just me.
Let me try to pass this to: Birdchaser, Nature Kate and Mike's Digiscoping Blog
Loved that you included House Sparrow. I considered it as it is a striking bird, but went with the White-throated sparrow instead.
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