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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

District Patrol

Keeping you posted on the latest sightings and buzz in the DC Area.

Ibises? Ibisi?
I don't know how you spell the plural, but 4 individuals of the White-Faced Ibis have been seen at Huntley Meadows Park in Virginia (a mere 25 minutes from DC!). The birds flew in yesterday, the 18th, and returned this morning...and area birders are hoping that they will stay even longer (til the weekend at least so I can get down there...). VA-Birders report that seeing more than one WFIbis at a time is very rare (hence my trouble with the plural...). Some fantastic pictures taken by Paula Sullivan can be found here. See you there this weekend.

Awful. Puns are the devil's vomit.
Anyway, two species of Kite have been seen in Virginia in the past week. A Mississippi Kite was seen cruising (but not stopping) over the Metz Wetlands Bank in Woodbridge, VA (35 minutes from DC. The bird has not been seen again.
A Swallow-Tailed Kite was also briefly seen nearby in Fairfax, VA (37 minutes from DC). This bird was also only seen once.

And Anhinga
Another addition to the crazy migrants this week, an Anhinga was seen soaring over Lilypons in Frederick Co. MD (1 hr 13 minutes from DC). Like everything else, this bird has so far been a one-time only sight. I'll keep you posted.
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