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Thursday, April 13, 2006

I and the Bird #21 and I

Put on yer Sunday britches, gather up yer nickels and help Uncle Dennis into the backseat: it's Carnival Time! Well, maybe not that kind of carnival, but the 21st Edition of the 'I and the Bird' birding blog carnival. Actually, it's probably better than an actual carnival...where growth-stunted Deliverance extras fight one another to shuffle through puke and discarded fried dough plates so they can catch a glimpse of Otis The Fattest Cow Ever.
Nevertheless, included in this (month's?) edition, among other fantastic posts, is my recent interview with digibirding pioneer Norm Saunders. It's a fantastic piece of journalism that will some day undoubtedly win me a Pulitzer. So, in conclusion, check out I and the Bird #21. Discounted admission for seniors and vets.
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