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Monday, May 01, 2006

Birds in Bartholdi Park

My internship takes me between Ford and Rayburn House Office Buildings almost every day. It's a beautiful little park across the street from the glassed in botanical gardens building and down from the front of the Capitol building. Although the park is small, I've always thought there was a chance of a seeing a warbler or something passing through. Until today, though, it had just been Starlings, Mockingbirds and a pair of Song Sparrows. But, on the way home last I heard some unusual sounds from the underbrush. Stooping low I caught a lone Ovenbird scurrying through the mulch. Good things come in small packages, and in small parks.
That is a neat little park. The close-by NMAI "wetlands" might be good for warblers, too, but I have not seen any there yet.
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