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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Photo Quiz Answers!

And the winner is: Paul Ollig from The Rambling Ranger! Paul scored a whopping 25 out of 27 correct answers to win his choice of a Peterson Field Guide. Congrats.
This has been a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone for playing, and for coming to check out birdDC and IATB#23. Special thanks to Mike Bergin for his assistance throughout.

I am leaving DC for a week to hang out with my girlfriend in NY before she graduates. Along the way I will be birding my favorite spots in Maine and Central NY, including trips to find my arch-nemesis birds: the Red Crossbill and the Northern Goshawk. Stay tuned.

Now on to the answers!

1. Common Yellowthroat, near Sherburne, NY

2. Great Blue Heron, Sherburne, NY

3. Scarlet Tanager, near Oxford, NY (also accepting Summer Tanager)

4. Red-Winged Blackbird, Clinton, NY

5. Wild Turkey, Oxford, NY (it was doing a Killdeer-style distraction)

6. Eastern Kingbird, Oxford, NY

7. Mallard, Sherburne, NY

8. Black-Capped Chickadee, Portland, ME (also accepting Carolina Chickadee. Bad light made this one especially tough)

9. Red-Shouldered Hawk, Roosevelt Island, DC (also accepting Cooper's and Sharp-Shinned Hawk)

10. Surf Scoter, Cape Elizabeth, ME

11. Tree Swallow, Occoquan NWR, VA

12. Sanderling, Sandy Hook, DE

13. American Goldfinch (winter), Portland, ME

14. Ruddy Turnstones (winter), Indian River Inlet, DE

15. Tufted Titmouse, Portland, ME

16. Mute Swan, Bombay Hook, DE

17. Red-Breasted Merganser, Portland, ME

18. Bonaparte's Gull, Cape May, NJ

19. Blue-Winged Warbler, Kenilworth Park, DC

20. American Tree Sparrow, Occoquan NWR, VA

21. Brant, Indian River Inlet, DE (also accepting Black Brant)

22. White-Winged Scoter, Portland, ME

23. Greater Black-Backed Gull, Sandy Hook, DE

24. Ring-Billed Gull, Cape Elizabeth, ME

25. Black-Throated Blue Warbler, National Arboretum, DC (scroll down to the Redemption at Kenilworth post)

26. Yellow-Rumped Warbler, Indian River Inlet, DE

27. Long-Tailed Ducks, Indian River Inlet, DC

Brilliant contest, Nick. You made it suitably challenging (just short of impossible really) using common birds. Well done! Congrats as well to Ranger Paul who did much better than I did.
This was a good lesson in how birds I would never mistake with a full view can be misidentified with only a glance or partial view.
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