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Friday, May 05, 2006

Take More Action

Here are links and short summaries of bird-related (but not Avian Flu-related) legislation currently in Congress. Please write to or visit your Congressman (as someone who has worked in a Congressional Office, a visit with either the Congressman or a Legislative Assistant is about 1000 times more effective than a letter or a letter-writing campaign) and support these bills.

There are more, and I'll get to them tomorrow.
What would you suggest for DC residents, since we do not have true representation in Congress?
Ah great point John.
The DC representative to Congress is Eleanor Holmes Norton. She is a Delegate, which means she can't vote on the floor, but she can vote in Committee (she's on Gov't Reform, Homeland Security and Transportation & Infrastructure). Delegates are not the same as Representatives, but they still hold considerable power. You can email Eleanor Norton here
My other suggestion is that residents of DC who are originally from elsewhere (about 99% of people I've met) can contact their former Reps. It will help to use an address from your home district , as most Reps won't answer mail from outside their district...
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