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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Back to the Great State

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my home state of Maine. I've even got it tatooed on my arm. Well I'll be back in that wonderland from Saturday the 1st until Sunday the 9th and I'll be having a spectacular time.
I'll definetly get some birding in and will keep you posted. I haven't had a chance to get out and see some birds for a few weeks and I'm sorry, but I'll make up for it. I'll be targeting my old favorites the Evergreen Cemetary in Portland and the Scarborough Marsh. I'll also be spending some time on the ocean and scanning for alcids and pelagic birds.
Wish me luck, and stay tuned.
What a great time to be visiting New England. I'm a yankee transplanted and now rooted in Texas, but I still miss it there. Have fun.

Thanks also for linking my site. I've linked yours as well.
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