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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Window Birds

I played touch football with a bunch of friends yesterday and I am almost completely immobilized due to soreness. I didn't stretch enough, and I'm not used to sprinting and stopping and stuff...so my body isn't used to such punishment.

It's ok, though, becuase the birding from my window has been pretty solid of late. All I have to do is lay on my back from my bed and look out into the trees and wait. Yesterday was huge for window birding, with the appearance of a fall-plumage Northern Parula and a Broad-Winged Hawk in the sky. This morning brought my first Blue Jay. That brings my window bird list up to:
Redstart, Parula, BW Hawk, Blue Jay, House Wren, House Sparrow, Starlings, DE Junco, Chipping Sparrow, Least Flycatcher and Chimney Swift.
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